Meet the Planning Team

Jared – Youth Facilitator

My name is Jared and I’m a youth facilitator with the network. A youth worker named Tara got me involved with this network. I joined the Victoria Youth in Care Network because I thought I can bring smiles and happiness to the group. What I hope to gain is a lot more skills, learn and find out about different stuff . I give them the idea that I’m willing to help out when they need it. The best part of being with the network is the fun stuff we do, like go carting, and being able to meet so many new people, and so much more.

Fun Facts: I like music, dancing and long boarding!

Cammy – Youth Facilitator

I am a youth facilitator with the Victoria Youth in Care Network. I have been with the Network since June 2012 and am very excited about how it has grown over the past year. The Network is important to me because it brings youth in and from government care together in hopes of making changes in the system; it builds a sense of community for all of us and lets know we are not alone. It also helps breaking down the stigma of youth in care and brings awareness to the community about issues we face every day. The best part of the Network for me is the friendships I have made and how coming together we have a sense of understanding of our life experiences. I also really enjoy going out and talking with youth to let them know they are not alone and we are here for them if they need us.

Fun Facts: I play hockey, I get to go to Parliament this winter and I am a really good cake decorator!

Kate- FBCYICN Board Member

Hi there! My name is Kate and I joined the Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks in February 2016 as a new Board of Director member. I volunteer with the Victoria local, because I also grew-up in foster care and believe this is a way for youth in care to connect in a healthy and fun way! For me, the best part of being with the Network is doing outreach in the community, attending conferences, and going on fun trips!

Fun facts: I am a scuba diver, published author, and chocolate lover extrodinaire!

Matthew- Youth Facilitator

Hello! My name is Matthew. I joined The Victoria Youth In Care Network, about a year and a half ago, because I wanted to make a difference for those youth still in and aging out of foster care. I hope to gain insight on what youth in care see as their top priorities for MCFD to change and in doing so I want to make sure those youth have their voices heard. Being part of an awesome community, being able to influence the provincial government, trips to different parts of the province and getting to meet others in and from care are some of the best things about the network.

Fun facts: I was a Sargent in cadets, I have excellent map and compass skills, and I enjoy photography.

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