2: About us


To create a place that is safe, supportive and empowering, so we can stand together and create positive change for youth in and from government care.


Hold on, be strong, let’s stand together: Youth Supporting Youth.


Integrity, connection, sense of belonging, equality, empowerment, change and rights to be heard.


To make a difference by having our voices heard.

To help the Ministry of Children and Family Development keep current with best practices of care to ensure that children and youth are receiving the best services possible.

Bring awareness to youth in and from government care.

We are a group of youth in or from government care and our allies coming together to create a local resource. We are connected with the Federation of Youth in Care Networks (FBCYICN).

A “Local” is a group of youth ages 14-24, whom are IN or FROM government care (or currently seeking services from the Ministry of Children and Family Development). We come together for support and unity.

Locals give youth the opportunity to meet new people, develop personal and professional skills, unite their voices in order to make changes in the systems that affect them and to have fun at the same time!

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