Some Pics from 2014

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On Sunday, May 25th we had a day of excitement at Western Speedway!  We flew around in the Go Karts, hit up the batting cages, and got some holes in one in Mini Golf!  A big thank you to Western Speedway for hosting our event and the generous donations from the Foster Parent Support Services Society!

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Bringing the New Year with Ice Skating and Magic by Shayde Phoenix!  A huge thank you for all of you who made it happen!! ~Foster Parent Support Services Society, Federation of BC Youth in Care Network’s and of course Victoria’s Youth in Care Network!!!

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Beach Party 2013 – Thank You Shayde Phoenix for sharing your amazing talents with us!!

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Foster Parent Appreciation Card Making

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WildPlay 2013

IMG_7959 IMG_7957 IMG_7956_edited IMG_7955 IMG_7954 IMG_7952 IMG_7951 IMG_7950_edited IMG_7945 IMG_7942

gearing up for the adventure

gearing up for the adventure

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practice course

practice course


practice course

practice course

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