Host Agency

                    The Foster Parent Support Services Society (FPSSS)
                                                        is our host agency
A Host Agency is an organization that provides the Local with office space for their Local Leadership Team to work and, if possible, also provides space for the Local to run their meetings, projects and events. The Host Agency’s role also includes providing administrative supports: specifically accounting support, access to basic office equipment, and a staff member to act as a liaison between the Host Agency and the Local.

If your Host Agency runs other youth programs, you can promote the Local to youth who access your programs who are in or from government care. The Host Agency staff can promote the Local to community partners and the community at large. It is also possible for the Host Agency to partner with the Local on projects, advocacy issues or fund-raising initiatives.

The FPSS Foster Parent Support Services Society is a CARF Accredited non-profit grassroots organization whose purpose is to administer support and education services to family care network caregivers within the Vancouver Island Region.

All caregivers in the Vancouver Island Region holding a Family Care Home agreement with the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development have the right to access any and all of the services provided by this organization.

Working cooperatively with the Ministry of Children and Family Development, Foster Parents, the FPSS Society shares the responsibility for providing meaningful Education, Support and Networking opportunities to Foster Parents in our fostering community.
We work to establish a nurturing environment for caregivers – “A Supportive Culture” – that empowers the foster parents of the region to become involved, and increases their caregiver competency, awareness and accountability.

For more information on the Foster Parent Support Services Society please see their website!

Thank You - FPSSS

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